Illusion: Sandra Bermudez
May 8 – July 15, 2008

Vivian Horan Fine Art is pleased to announce Illusion, a solo exhibition by New York based artist Sandra Bermudez. Illusion is the culmination of Bermudez’s work from the past five years, incorporating her interest in society’s perception and representation of the female body. Her new work emphasizes the paradox between the drama and magic of moments and the realities of human existence. This dichotomy of desire versus human rationale is seen in the photographs of individual floating helium balloons that spell out words like “Yes,” “Always” and “Forever” in the sky among clouds. However, these universally familiar elements of the human psyche also allow for the reality that ‘forever’ is an impossibility.

Bermudez is perhaps best known for her self-portraiture in which she appears in pin-up like poses, yet creates a physical paradox: she removes all references to the reproductive ability of the body. An example of this kind of portraiture can be seen in works like Pink Orchid Landscape and White Orchid. Bermudez also creates playful and seductive works that reference contemporary body art and advertising, by using the classic design of “toile de jouy.” At first glance, this wallpaper installation looks like traditional 19th century scenes from the luscious French landscape. However, upon closer inspection, it is clear that these scenes are overtly sexualized, the figures taken from contemporary clothing advertisements for young adults. Additionally, Bermudez often uses close-up photography to isolate body parts from their immediate context, as exemplified in her ten-inch circular c-print series, Lips. Here, Bermudez questions assumptions about the power of the female body in popular culture, and explores public versus private aspects of the female existence. In her Wife sculptures, she delves into conventions associated with love and sex.

Bermudez has had solo shows in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and Bogota, and has exhibited in group exhibitions at museums in New Jersey, Miami, New York and Colombia. She received her M.A. in Studio Art from New York University and an M.A. in Art Education from Columbia University. Bermudez has most recently shown works in group exhibitions at the Museo de Arte Universidad Nacional in Bogota and with the Kuwait Art Foundation in Dubai.

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